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Nov 04 2010

Visitors provide usability feedback on Teachers Teaching Teachers

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Site-builders Bill Fitzgerald, Christina Cantrill, and Elyse Eidman-Aadahl joined the Teachers Teaching Teachers webcast last night.  Contributors and curators Kevin Hodgson, Chris Sloan, Bud Hunt, and Paul Allison also joined hosts Susan Ettenheim and Paul Allison for a discussion of the Digital Is launch.  New visitors to the site, along with contributors like Gail Desler, provided builders with a great window into the site's launch and usability.  Big thanks to all who joined us and provided feedback.

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<p>A few of the things that came through in that conversation for me:</p> <ul> <li>The Digital Is site continues to be a work in progress, adaptable to the needs of the community;</li> <li>The thoughtfulness behind the design of the space makes the site accessible on a few levels (as a single resource, as a series of ideas, or as a curation based around a larger idea);</li> <li>Growth of the site means reaching inward to NWP folks and outward to others in the field, ensuring some interesting connections;</li> <li>The use of "feedback" for resource developers offers a real chance at reflection;</li> <li>NWP sites can use Digital Is as a resource for Professional Development, and not just around new media, but around a range of topics (student voice, language and diversity, revision, etc.) that integrates new media.</li> </ul> <p>Kevin</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>