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  • Create a Spoken Word Letter with KQED

    These students from Danae Boyd and Janelle Bence’s Coppell High class, created a spoken word poem about climate change. Can humans rise above our own selfish needs to make decisions for the planet? As you watch this, what are some ways you might encourage students to address the next president in a spoken word poem about this or other STEM issues?

    KQED provides this Spoken Word Media Make resource to get you started!

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  • Textual Power on Our Own Terms: Remixing Literacy in Out-of-School Spaces

    What does it look like when young people are writing on their own terms, in spaces outside of school? What new ways of composing do digital media tools open up for us, and what does that mean as it relates to literacy pedagogy and writing instruction inside of schools? This collection features resources written by Hip-hop & spoken word artists & entrepreneurs who work first-hand with youth on initiatives that center youth production and literacy.  

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  • Words On Walls

    Urban Word poet David Fasanya stands on top of his verses at the NYPL 
    Urban Word poet David Fasanya stands on top of his verses at the NY Public Library on November 19, 2012. This Words on Walls events featured poems that raised voter awareness and the importance of civic engagement.

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