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  • The Why Behind The Making

    Last week, I read an article on, describing Nancy Pelosi’s “awe” for the maker movement. The article was old, (published January of last year), but I was still happy to see this opinion vocalized, being a maker-educator, myself.

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  • Why Study History?-Student Stop Motion Video Response

    The original posting and video can be viewed at


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  • Designing a More Connected World

    By Kylie Peppler

    Designing a More Connected World Blog Image

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  • Annotate the Plot: Using Annotation to write better Fiction

    As the Visiting Fiction Writer-in-Residence at Fordham University I taught fiction writing to undergraduates and undergrads in courses titled Fiction Bootcamp and Writer's Workshop. These courses were craft-based workshops where my students and I pondered the big questions of how fiction is constructed and what makes it work. We looked under the hood, took the back off the clock, peered into the innards in order to study the formal decisions necessary for effective story-telling.

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  • Mining the Riches

    Have you ever found some completely amazing resource on the web and then seeing that it was a couple years old thought, "Wow! Where have I been? How did I miss this?"

    The truth is that there are vast treasures out there if only we can find them at the moments we can use them.

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  • The Why Behind The Making

    Last week, I read an article on, describing Nancy Pelosi’s “awe” for the maker movement. The article was old, (published January of last year), but I was still happy to see this opinion vocalized, being a maker-educator, myself.

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  • Looking with the heart: Celebrating the human in the digital

    14“The teacher is of course an artist, but being an artist does not mean that he or she can make the profile, can shape the students.

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  • Aaaaaand, here it is! A remixable process for looking at digital work, multimodal compositions, and other student work (with thanks to Prospect Center’s Descriptive Review of Work)

    I.Getting started

    • Facilitator starts introductions-- name, role, organization

    • Facilitator explains process

      • Introduce facilitator, teacher, notetaker

      • Focus on description

      • Option to pass

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  • It is a remixable process.

    48The process of looking at student work can and should change as you use it.  It might change because the piece you are describing has three or four parts (For example: a website with many images, an embedded Animoto, and even drawings done by the student in Google Draw or scanned; a long iMovie, with a trailer and a blooper section; a videogame with a walkthrough).

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  • We learn about the process of creation, and generate new work and ways of working.

    42In the process, we train ourselves towards generativity and production and away from negativity and stagnation.  We also become makers, not grade makers or number assigners or red pen wielding markers.  We make knowledge about teaching from our students’ work.

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  • It is an antidote to the culture of deficiency.

    53Part of the power of this process comes from its grounding in the DESCRIPTIVE, in the non-judgmental, non-evaluative world that is hardly seen or heard from in schools.  In schools, we are often forced into being a grading people, a community of disparate rubric makers.  I often say that, with this process, we are looking with our third eye.   

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  • Scratch @ MIT Keynote

    This keynote video of Scratch @ MIT 2014, features Mitch Resnick (MIT/Scratch) interviewing Elyse Eidman-Aadahl (National Writing Project) and Dale Dougherty (Maker Media; Maker Education Initiative). Titled: Making, Coding, Writing, all three speakers came together to discuss engagement and making in the learning process.

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  • Kids Maker Day 2014

    (cross-posted from K12 Open Ed blog)

    For the last few year's, I've been helping put together a local kids maker day. This year's event, influenced in part by CLMOOC,  was last weekend. It was a great success. The planned program is shown here.

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  • The great waffle make

    As makers, we often use tools.

    A writer might have her favorite fountain pen. A bound journal. Novel writing software.

    A carpenter has his favorite hammer. A router. An antique set of files.

    A web programmer has her favorite text editor. Libraries of code snippets. Preferred debuggers.

    The tools we have at hand affect the making we do.

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  • Teachers as makers

    The Making Learning Connected MOOC (clmooc) that happened this summer was a great experience for me and for many others.

    I came into clmooc as an avid maker. My love of digital tools has led me to many types of digital making. Living in an extremely rural place, making is a necessity; we have built our own house, keep a large garden, can jams and vegetables, make our own bread, and make many other things because it is easier and more satisfying than buying them. And of course, I am a writer.

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  • We make a professional development community by looking closely together.

    51This process packs a punch because we do it IN COMMUNITY.  Check out these reflections after a large professional development.  Note the ways teachers were struck by the power of looking at the student work together.

    “The depth of knowledge and care in the room was evident.”  

    “Learning takes place in community.”  

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  • Top 5 Reasons to Look Closely


    1.  It is an antidote to the culture of deficiency.


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  • Join Me in the Summer of Making, 2013

    Ah, Summer at last…….

    I have had some wonderful global adventures lately.  I recently took an invigorating trip with a Kean University delegation to China.  ….So much to see, taste, smell, experience.


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  • “…write about something that matters.”

    Reflecting about the implementation of our Maker pilot here in the Central Coast region of California, I often go exploring among my roots in childhood experiences of progressive education (meaning student-centered, ungraded, project-based authentic learning), years as a home-school teacher and one-room rural school substitute teacher, and the whole language/whole child convictions I developed in my studies for a multiple subject credential at UCSC and as an elementary classroom teacher for ten years.

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