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Recent Content (lrng grant)

  • Breaking Down the Walls

    Hi Friends,

    Receiving a Grant, joining the Flat Class Global Educator Course (FCGE), and reading so many incredibly helpful blogs has invigorated my desire to blog and share what is going on in my classroom. I hope it may be useful!

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  • Student Choice via the 20 Time Project

    This collection draws together blogs and resources that follow my experience implementing the 20 Time project, Innovation Hour, in my high school classroom.

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  • Innovation Hour takes hold

    Installment two, from September 2014:

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  • Throwback Tuesday- The beginnings of "Innovation Hour," my take on 20 Time

    This and future blog posts are meant to document my journey with the concept of 20 Time in the classroom. I started this project at the beginning of last school year and wrote about successes and failures along the way. This is post one, last August, as I planned the implementation of what became so much more than I thought it would!

    From August 15, 2014:

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