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  • Digital Storytelling with the iPad: Creating Book Trailers


    Through a generous grant from a corporate sponsor, our university was able to purchase 14 iPads with iMovie, young adult literature selections for book circles, and video cameras for a book trailer project with a local middle school. A book trailer is, no surprise here, a trailer for a book in the style of a movie trailer. Search YouTube for your favorite book + "book trailer" or "trailer" and you will be sure to find an example or two.

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  • Literacy Narrative Stop Motion Book Map

    The original posting and video can be viewed at


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  • Springing in to DI: A Morning of Comments

    This morning I started exploring other DI blog posts and decided to make some comments.  Inspired by the fabulous conversation taking place at in the study group “Writing and Inquiry in the Digital Age,” I aimed to continue the conversation in other areas.  In so doing, I was reminded once again of the incredible ideas that are put forth by my NWP colleagues.  I’m ready to join Nicole Schon’s iPad study group, and Jason Sellers seemed to read my mind with respect to optimizing Prezi.  It is through these conversatio

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  • iPad Study Group

    Last Thursday evening, five SCWriP fellows gathered for our first iPad study group session. Two of us sat on my couch here in Santa Barbara, while the others used Skype and Google Hangout to join us from Bakersfield, Oxnard, and Ithaca, NY. With our computer volumes turned full blast, we sat and discussed different ways each of us use iPads for teaching. A lot of the conversation this time around focused on specific apps that each person uses. By sheer coincidence, our group represented teachers at every level of schooling- elementary, junior high, high school, and college.

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