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  • Digital Storytelling with the iPad: Creating Book Trailers


    Through a generous grant from a corporate sponsor, our university was able to purchase 14 iPads with iMovie, young adult literature selections for book circles, and video cameras for a book trailer project with a local middle school. A book trailer is, no surprise here, a trailer for a book in the style of a movie trailer. Search YouTube for your favorite book + "book trailer" or "trailer" and you will be sure to find an example or two.

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  • Using Digital Media to Enhance Student Experience with Poetry at the Middle Level

    You've probably heard it before, that collective groan that comes with the mere mention of poetry. By the time I get to work with students at the beginning of 7th grade, many have developed some very definite feelings about poetry.  Since I deal with students for two years, I decided to see if I could get more of my 7th graders excited about this genre.

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  • Digital Collaboration Session Two

    The following week we got to work. Again I shared student work, and shared our Writing For Change Site that had other samples of student work for those who wanted more information or models. Something interesting I noticed right away was that students whether they are in their early teens or in their twenties had similar reactions to this assignment. We had issues with the iPods functioning in the classroom due to internet availability, and soon students in class emerged as tech coaches or writing partners as students created their movies.

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  • Student Samples From Cajon Valley Middle School Danya's Story

    The first video is Danya. Danya is a member of our Writing for Change Club. She has been part of our writing program both during the school year and our summer programs. She sees herself going to college and loves to write. She tells the story of what it feels like to be judged using Sandra Cisnero's work, "Those Who Don't" from the book The House on Mango Street.

     She says this about being part of the college project: 

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  • Enhancing Student Appreciation of Poetry Using iMovie

    The second phase of my inquiry was to see if the use of digital media would enhance student experiences with reading poetry. Typically we would spend a few days perusing poetry books which I provided for the students. We read and discussed a few poems as a class which I selected. Then students were expected to read a certain number of poems which they selected. Based on input from the students I set up poetry partners. Students chose several of their self-selected poems to discuss with their partners. I began madly making copies of the poems, so students could make notes on the poems.

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  • Next Steps

    As of this writing my inquiry is still incomplete.  During the month of April, poetry month, we will be sharing these poetry movies with the entire school during the morning broadcast.

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