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  • Why should kids learn to be digital creators, and computer programmers?

    Codecraft Lab, a 501(c)3 public charity in Brevard County, FL, began working this school year with local public schools to create after-school clubs that teach students how to create with computer coding while focusing on student expression and creativity.

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  • Computing Power

    Today, every industry is powered by software. In my community, Codecraft Lab is an important connector and advocate for making sure every student has a chance to gain the software skills that she or he can use in any industry.

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  • The Scratch Community

    The programming language known as Scratch is a tool that has been used by students and educators throughout the world as a means of expression, collaboration, creative thinking development, and often just plain fun. The website is designed to be a worldwide hub for sharing, discussing, and learning about this tool and is an excellent resource for educators as well as students. The program is described on the site's About page:

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  • Written in code: What does it mean to be digitally literate?

    When I started my graduate program a few years ago, I was ready to learn how to change the world. To clarify–I don’t expect to change the world on my own (that’s selfish, I think), but I do want to be a part of fostering that change. I study and research literacy, a fascinating subject because it essentially encompasses, well, every cognitive process of humans–the way people learn, think, create, write, read, communicate, play, explore, cope, research, engage, collaborate.

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