What does it mean to be a Connected Educator?

After last year's inaugural Connected Educator Month, participating teachers argued “every month should be connected educator month.” And here at NWP Digital Is, where we explore digital literacies and connected learning, we couldn't agree more. In this collection, explore ways to connect during Connected Educator Month and to stay connected throughout the year!

What does being a connected educator mean to you?

Opening the Walls of the Classroom and the Boundaries of the Park

Resources in this collection have emerged from a growing partnership between the National Park Service (NPS) and the National Writing Project (NWP) designed to bolster connected learning opportunities within the national parks and reach more young visitors and educators.

Fan Activism and Community: Case Studies in Connected Learning

This collection of case studies features three communities who build on fan interests and engagement to unite, inspire, and drive social change. These communities include Harry Potter enthusiasts, StarCraft gamers, and wrestling fans who use their shared passions as springboards for creative production and building peer-supported communities of learning.

Learning through Play & Design: Personal Stories of Connected Learning

This collection of six personal stories documents the different ways that educators are utilizing aspects of both design and play in their curriculums. Their hands on approach to learning allows students to physically manifest their ideas by constructing, designing, and executing a plan to create something new either on their own or as a collaboration.

Powerful Learning for Change: Case Studies in Connected Learning

This collection of five case studies features a selection of schools, organizations, and collaborations focused on using a connected learning approach to educational and social outreach. This collection spotlights communities of learners and educators developing unique programs that can expand educational experiences beyond the four walls of the classroom.