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Nov 22 2014

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4 Resources in this collection
These are the slides we shared during this session. They include a brief overview of what we learned in CLMOOC.
This is an open document we used to document ideas we played with and prototyped and other thoughts on this topic.
During this session, we created a wall with notes on our ideas, questions we had, and other observations. These are pictures of what was on that wall.
This is a collection of resources that talks about the design and development of CLMOOC. It covers everything from our goals and ethos to practicalities of platform and tools.

Playing with Open Designs for Professional Learning

At the 2014 NWP Annual Meeting, a group of us participated in a "messing around and geeking out" session on Playing with Open Designs for Professional Learning.

The idea of this session was to think about how connected learning meets professional learning through open play experiences.

We looked at how two summer's worth of experiences in the Making Learning Connected (CLMOOC) and how it was like a giant online professional learning “sandbox” where we could prototype and collaboratively design ways to connect learning for ourselves, as adults, and the youth with whom we work. Then we spent most of the time exploring what that kind of learning experience might look like in everyone's own learning and teaching contexts.

Session developed and presented by:

Joe Dillon, Denver Writing Project
Karen Fasimpaur, Borderlands Writing Project
Kevin Hodgson, Western Massachusetts Writing Project
Mia Zamora, Kean University National Writing Project

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Resources in this collection

4 Resources in this collection
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